Squawkin’ Good’s Top 20 Songs of 2022

I’m back! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here. Life has been really crazy the past few years, and that is why it has been so long since you’ve heard from me. But I’m finally in a place now where I feel like I can return. Expect more Squawkin’ Good content soon. In the meantime, I would like to share my Top 20 songs of 2022 with you. 2022 was a great year for music and I am pleased with this list of songs. As always, I have limited it to one song per artist, as several of these artists could have had multiple songs here otherwise.

20. Coheed And Cambria “A Disappearing Act”

“How long have you waited here? / For someone to touch you, for someone to hear you scream? / It’s okay to be afraid, I’m here with you”

19. Beach House “Only You Know”

“You come to my window / You tell me you’re high / Where do all the friends go when the fantasies die? / Only you know”

18. Why Bonnie “Nowhere, LA”

“Stepped on my own tail again / When I saw you across the street / Thought of what I’d say to you / But my words all come up empty / All my words, they sound so empty”

17. Nilüfer Yanya “The Mystic”

“This is the last chance that you got / Are you gonna give this your best shot? / I’m not gonna text like you’re on the hit list / Assume that the red lines / Assume that the red signs / Assume I’m the red”

16. CMAT “Every Bottle (Is My Boyfriend)”

“I got a wet drink, it’s like a gun in my hand / But maybe I love drinking and just hate all the plans / That someone made in my name / I don’t even wanna tap my potential / No I don’t”

15. PLOSIVS “Pines”

“Can’t leave the prose of all in autumn / Can’t beat the throws of all in all in all October / Burning alive in leaves of amber”

14. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever “Blue Eye Lake”

“You can ride the back of a star and go anywhere / Open up your eyes and I will dive in”

13. Yumi Zouma “In The Eyes Of Our Love”

“I went sideways / I went back / But I fought for truth through every single broken artifact / I’m not trying to get you off track / But I’m lying if there’s nothing I could do about that”

12. Shadowgraphs “Loss Prevention”

“Cause there’s no loss prevention / Tethered to her / I can’t believe I’m falling / Just keep on telling me that same old story”

11. Camp Cope “Running With The Hurricane”

“Look out, boys, I’m on fire and I’m not going out / Been moving with the bodies that move to a different sound / And that fire started burning / And that hurricane was turning once I moved”

10. Momma “Lucky”

“If I drive in four days time / My highway hills could reach the east / If I drive in four days time / I’d pick you up from hometown streets / Buckle up, I’ll be there”

9. AURORA “Blood In The Wine”

“I was given a heart before I was given a mind / A thirst for pleasure and war, a hunger we keep inside / We fell from sky with grace, and life gave us a sweeter taste / You can drink, you can feast / There’s beauty in your beast”

8. Alvvays “Pharmacist”

“I know you’re back / I saw your sister at the pharmacy, picking up / Said you had that new love glow”

7. Flock Of Dimes “Pure Love”

“And when we had nothing, it wasn’t enough / And when we had everything, it was too much / I don’t wanna be static, staring at the way that it was / Just want a pure love / Pure love”

6. The Beths “2am”

“Do you feel it? / Feel it like you did back then? / We were young / We were cruel and mistaken / And I know it more with every passing day / Though it hurts / I still love you the same”

5. Royel Otis “Bull Breed”

“So we drink until we find / A reason to chase with our favorite songs / In my molly coated mind / These days are my favorite ones”

4. Big Thief “Simulation Swarm”

“Once again, we must bleed new / Even as the hours shake / Crystal blood like a dream true / A ripple in the wound and wake / You believe, I believe too / That you are the river of light / Who I love, that I cling to / In the belly of the empty night”

3. Hatchie “Lights On”

“Slips through my hands / A love so fleeting, I don’t understand / I should have answered the call / I never wanted to fall”

2. Lou Roy “Uppercut”

“I swear it to you babe we’ll always have our fun / Even when we’re grinded into cosmic dust / And even when we’re back on earth as pond scum / I swear to you babe, we’ll always have our fun”

1. Ethel Cain “Sun Bleached Flies”

“What I wouldn’t give to be in church this Sunday / Listening to the choir so heartfelt, all singing / ‘God loves you, but not enough to save you’ / So, baby girl, good luck taking care of yourself”

You can listen to a playlist of all of these songs below, either on Spotify or Tidal.


Rubblebucket – Top 10 Songs

A new feature I’ll be doing here at Squawkin’ Good Tunes is a showcase on a band I like and a countdown of their best songs. The first band to receive this honor is none other than Burlington exports Rubblebucket, in honor of their upcoming show this Friday, March 4, at Higher Ground Ballroom.

Formerly known as Rubblebucket Orchestra, this group fronted by lead singer Kalmia Traver and bandleader Alex Toth combine a brass band sound with Afrobeat and Latin jazz influences and have increasingly added rock and pop elements to their music with each album. Though they now call Brooklyn home, Rubblebucket are still a favorite here in Burlington and they were the winner of last year’s Squawkatiel Madness tournament on WRUV.

Here are my Top 10 favorite Rubblebucket songs.

10. “Shake Me Around” (Survival Sounds, 2014)

9. “Bikes” (Rubblebucket, 2009)

8. “Silly Fathers” (Omega La La, 2011)

7. “Landing” (Rubblebucket, 2009)

6. “Philips Van” (Rubblebucket, 2009)

5. “On the Ground” (Survival Sounds, 2014)

4. “Came Out of a Lady” (Triangular Daisies EP / Omega La La, 2010)

3. “November” (Rubblebucket, 2009)

2. “Pain From Love” (Oversaturated EP, 2012)

1. “Raining” (Omega La La, 2011)


Listen to all ten songs below: