Your Squawkin’ Good Showdown 2017 Champion: Bon Iver!

Congratulations to Bon Iver, the winner of Squawkin’ Good Showdown 2017! With a total of 19 people voting in the final round, Bon Iver narrowly defeated Radiohead with 52.6% of the vote in the closest tournament final ever on this show. Bon Iver received an the second hour of last week’s show dedicated to their music, which featured tracks from frontman Justin Vernon’s other projects including DeYarmond Edison, The Shouting Matches and Gayngs. It also included his features on songs by James Blake, Anais Mitchell, Kanye West and more. You can listen to last week’s show at

Bon Iver is an artist who has always pushed the boundaries of what a typical acoustic singer/songwriter is capable of, and is clearly one of the most influential artists in indie music this decade. Their latest album 22, A Million explored new territory and was one of the most popular albums in 2016 here at WRUV. Below, enjoy a mix of Bon Iver’s best songs on Spotify:


Squawkin’ Good Showdown 2017 – The Final!

We are down to the final two artists left standing in Squawkin’ Good Showdown 2017! The votes are in and you chose Radiohead and Bon Iver to face off in the final round. Below, vote for which artist you want to be this year’s champion. (Click here to vote if link doesn’t show up below. You have until 9 pm on Wednesday, April 19 to vote – call in votes during the first hour of Wednesday’s show are also accepted. Please vote only once per round.

Alabama Shakes: Best of Playlist + Covers & Remixes

In honor of Alabama Shakes’ victory in Squawkin’ Good Showdown 2016, I’ve put together a Spotify playlist of their best songs, as well as a few of the best covers and remixes of their songs I found on Soundcloud:

Harold Green feat. Willow Wells – “Gimme All Your Love”

“Gimme All Your Love” seems to be the favorite Alabama Shakes song to cover by various artists on Soundcloud, but this version stands above the rest. It even includes a spoken word verse, giving this song a unique twist. This is from his compilation Flowers For the Living 2016 which also features a bunch of other great covers.

Riders Against the Storm – “RE:AL” (Alabama Shakes Remix)

Hip hop group Riders Against the Storm uses part of the instrumental from “Don’t Wanna Fight” for this great track. Taken from their remix album RE:Mixtape which you can listen to here.

Morgan Bain – “Don’t Wanna Fight” (Live on 92.9 FM Perth)

Finally, here’s Australian soul singer Morgan Bain with a live version of “Don’t Wanna Fight”, the clear favorite song of most people who voted for Alabama Shakes in Squawkin’ Good Showdown this year.


Your 2016 Squawkin’ Good Showdown Champions: Alabama Shakes!

Congratulations to Alabama Shakes! They defeated Tame Impala by a score of 62.5% to 37.5% to claim the title of this year’s Squawkin’ Good Showdown champion! They will be honored with one of their songs played on Squawkin’ Good Radio each week for the next 12 weeks after their victory.

Thanks to everyone who voted in Squawkin’ Good Showdown! This has been the most successful March Madness tournament I’ve done on WRUV since I did the first one 3 years ago.

Check back here soon, I will be putting up a Spotify playlist of Alabama Shakes best songs, plus some cool covers and remixes.

Squawkin’ Good Showdown – The Final Round!

We have reached the final round of Squawkin’ Good Showdown! After four weeks of voting, the last two bands left standing are Alabama Shakes and Tame Impala. Alabama Shakes defeated Toro Y Moi 61.5% to 38.5 %, Tame Impala also beat Animal Collective by 61.5% to 38.5%.

Vote below for which artist you want to win Squawkin’ Good Showdown 2016! (If the form doesn’t show up, you can also vote here.)

Squawkin’ Good Showdown – There’s still time to vote!

On next Wednesday’s edition of Squawkin’ Good Radio, we’re kicking off Squawkin’ Good Showdown, a musical March Madness tournament where 32 of Squawkin’ Good Tunes/WRUV listeners’ favorite artists will go head to head. The twist this year is you, not me, get to decide which artists compete this year! Vote in the survey below for which artists you would like to compete. The 32 artists who get the most votes will be selected and the first round will kick off on Squawkin’ Good Radio on Wednesday, where I will play a song from each artist you voted into the Top 32! Those artists will compete for a spot in the Squawky Sixteen, who will be played on the following week’s show.

If you are unable to view the survey below, you can vote here as well.