Squawkin’ Good Showdown – There’s still time to vote!

On next Wednesday’s edition of Squawkin’ Good Radio, we’re kicking off Squawkin’ Good Showdown, a musical March Madness tournament where 32 of Squawkin’ Good Tunes/WRUV listeners’ favorite artists will go head to head. The twist this year is you, not me, get to decide which artists compete this year! Vote in the survey below for which artists you would like to compete. The 32 artists who get the most votes will be selected and the first round will kick off on Squawkin’ Good Radio on Wednesday, where I will play a song from each artist you voted into the Top 32! Those artists will compete for a spot in the Squawky Sixteen, who will be played on the following week’s show.

If you are unable to view the survey below, you can vote here as well.


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