Announcing…Squawkin’ Good Showdown 2016!

March is here and that means it’s time for my musical March Madness style tournament. Formerly known as Squawkatiel Madness, Squawkin’ Good Showdown will have 32 of your favorite artists heard on my show in the past year going head to head, competing to be your 2016 champion.

Here’s how the tournament works: Each week, starting Wednesday, March 16, the artists who are up for voting in the current round will be played on that week’s edition of Squawkin’ Good Radio from 8-10 pm on WRUV. Two artists will be paired up in each round to compete for your votes. The one that gets more votes moves on to the next round and will be played on that next week’s show. This will continue until my April 20th show where the champion will be crowned, who you, the listeners, have picked as your favorite Squawkin’ Good artist of the 2015-2016 school year!

The winner of Squawkin’ Good Showdown gets the following prizes: They will be guaranteed one of their songs played each week on Squawkin’ Good Radio for the next 12 weeks after their victory, plus they will get a special feature about them on this website.

For the next 2 weeks I’m giving you, the listeners, the chance to pick which 32 artists will compete in Squawkin’ Good Showdown 2016! Vote in the window below. If it doesn’t show up, you can vote here. You have until 5 pm on Tuesday, March 15 to get your vote in.


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