Squawkin’ Good Showdown: Round 3 Begins!

sqm16Voting has now opened for Round 3 of Squawkin’ Good Showdown! We are down to the Avian Eight and only four of these artists will come back to battle on next Wednesday’s show. The matches this week are:

Match #1: (1) Dr. Dog vs. (3) Toro Y Moi

Match #2: (1) Alabama Shakes vs. (2) Beach House

Match #3: (1) Animal Collective vs. (3) Kurt Vile

Match #4: (1) Death Cab For Cutie vs. (2) Tame Impala

The winner in each match will get TWO of their songs played on next Wednesday’s show. The loser will get NONE. Decide you you want to make the Feathered Four below! (You can vote here if the form below doesn’t show up)


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