Squawkin’ Good Radio Debuts Tonight!

Tonight is the debut of Squawkin’ Good Radio on WRUV! Tune in from 8-10 pm on 90.1 FM in Burlington, VT or listen online at wruv.org.

This show takes over from Flight of the Squawkatiel. You’ll still hear the same types of music you heard on that show, but Squawkin’ Good Radio will follow a less rigid format. Instead of one hour of new music followed by one themed hour of music from my collection, I will be playing a mix of my favorite new songs throughout the entire show with some older songs mixed in. This show will also be more flexible for listener requests (within reason). You’ll be hearing selections from my favorite new albums as well as new unsigned, independent artists discovered on Soundcloud or elsewhere.

Tonight you’ll be hearing new tracks from DIIV, Sunflower Bean, Animal Collective, Pillar Point, Daughter, High Highs, and Rob Crow’s Gloomy Place, plus a bunch of other surprises.

If you miss tonight’s show, you can stream it for up to a week after its air date at http://wruv.org/schedule/wednesday


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