Squawkin’ Good Showdown – Round 3!

We are down to 8 artists left in the tournament! Round 3 of Squawkin’ Good Showdown starts now and the matches this round are:

🔥 Fire Division:

(1) Radiohead vs. (3) STRFKR

🌎 Earth Division:

(1) Wilco vs. (3) Whitney

Air Division:

(1) Bon Iver vs. (3) Iron & Wine

💧 Water Division:

(1) The Avalanches vs. (3) The xx

Vote below for which artists you want to move on to Round 2 in each match (and be played on next Wednesday’s show. Click here to vote (if you can’t see the form below). You can find the bracket here (complete with voting results for each round) and see the full list of artists competing at the official Squawkin’ Good Showdown page.


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